Puxára Ihrûuvtihap (Second Assignment)

LEVEL: Intermediate

This assignment is based on the 4th, 5th and 6th audio and typewritten sentences of the text entitled Puxára Ihrûuvtihap—They Don’t Use It For Long. Additional sections will be posted as students return their responses.

ASSIGNMENT: (If you haven’t completed the first assignment for this text do so here: http://www.instituteofnativeknowledge.org/?p=174 )

Typewritten text
Assignment 2

Listen to the audio recordings of the selected text. Each sentence is repeated in the recording. Listen to and repeat out loud the recorded text refer to the typewritten text. Listen to the recording again and read along with the underlined text (highlighted in yellow) which should correspond to the recordings. (Note: You will find a pdf download option of the text at end of the post.)

Your assignment is to indicate all of the accent marks on the written text. Take a picture of your notated text and send it to me either through the comment section or via Facebook Messenger or SMS. I will go over your “answers” and let you know how you did! Yay! No grade or anything–this is a way to practice hearing the language, noticing what and where the syllables of words are stressed or have a rising-falling tone to them. You must also indicate when a vowel is long.


Download the targeted text HERE: Text02Pt02

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