Áraar Úpeenti, Indian Says

The following text is taken from the Smithsonian website. The text itself is typewritten from hand written texts documented by John Harrington in 1930 era. The typewritten form is good for learning purposes since it doesn’t include any accents or glottal stops. In addition there is an audio reading of the text that I recorded.

Assignment: Listen to the audio and repeat until you feel comfortable with your pronunciation. Then review the jpeg of the typewritten notes (it is a bit blurry unfortunately) and match what you heard with the written words.

When you have done this now listen to the recording along with the written text and INDICATE the accent marks. The is the ´, acute accent, the ˆ, circumflex (hachik), and the glottal stop which we indicate with the ‘, apostrophe


The recording:

You can download PDFs of the text-images HERE: Pipe Description Pg 2 and here: Pipe Description Pg 1;

Take a photo of your work after you have inserted the proper accents (´, ˆ, ‘) to texts. Use a pen, pencil or marker. Send in your work via Comments and we will review and reply to your work ASAP! Yay!

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