Video Programming

Ayukii (Hello).

The Native language portion of our site will be including video programming. As an example here is a very short video made at night using an iSight camera on a MacBook computer. It isn’t technically a “program” since it was done without much forethought. Just wanted to tell my son and his family ‘hello’. (They live in Oz, down under.)

After recording my message in English I decided to add Karuk language subtitles. And then it was time to post. Here it is.


Lesson One/beginning level

This lesson is a beginning level lesson. This same lesson will return later as an intermediate level lesson for those who already possess a vocabulary and familiarity with the Karuk language.

The beginning level is designed to present images and for you, the student, to learn the names of people, places and things in the Karuk language.





About seeking images

<Image deleted due to yuckiness>

The really funny thing about populating a site with Native language materials is the ‘search’ for images. When looking for body parts you often are presented with images of medical afflictions. Very gruesome sometimes. Don’t like it. Horrible at times.

So for me it’s almost always better to draw body parts. Animals are a different matter. So is just about every other kind of image that you might seek to illustrate and populate your language site.



tiik, hand, hands.
kútutuk, left hand     yástiik, right hand